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Basic classification and description of vertical grinder

Jan 28, 2021

From the point of view of control technology, more than 70% of vertical grinders are numerically controlled, with single-axis, double-axis and three-axis numerical control, which can achieve five-axis control, especially large-size models above 400, all of which are numerically controlled. As the development of technology has led to functional changes, flat grinding has changed from traditional surface grinding to forming grinding. Conventional control has been difficult to achieve functional requirements, which has formed a market trend.

Before starting work, operators should wear safety protection equipment in accordance with the regulations and should not be sloppy. Before operation, they should be fully prepared for work and all personnel should be in place. Vertical grinders must also carry out necessary inspections of the equipment, such as whether the transmission part is normal, whether the safety cover is complete, etc. If there is any abnormality, it should be dealt with in time.

Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to perform lubrication work and adjust the position of certain parts to avoid problems during processing. The grinding wheel must be statically balanced before use. Also after correction, run dry for a few minutes before work. Check whether the various parts are operating normally. When inspecting, loading and unloading the workpiece, and repairing the equipment, the grinding wheel must be moved away from the workpiece. Non-processed items cannot be placed on the worktable, workpiece and magnetic table. When the grinding wheel approaches the workpiece, it cannot be fast In order to prevent the phenomenon of knife collision, the operator must concentrate on operating the equipment and work attentively. After the work is completed, the finishing work must be carried out in accordance with the specified requirements, and the equipment must also undergo daily maintenance work.

The worktable adopts hydraulic transmission, and the independent hydraulic station drives the double rod cylinder to drive the worktable to run. The grinding workpiece is adsorbed by the electric permanent magnet chuck; the grinding head adopts the high-precision large-diameter dynamic and static pressure spindle; the whole machine is controlled by the numerical control system, according to the user It is required to compile a macro program to achieve one-key operation.