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Attention to installation, operation and maintenance of CNC universal grinding machine

Oct 26, 2017

Since the integration of numerical control technology, the performance of the universal grinding machine has been significantly improved, but still need to pay more attention to ensure the work safety of CNC universal grinder, so the installation and use, maintenance and other aspects should be in accordance with the requirements.
The CNC universal grinder should be installated and fixed by bolt and maintain vertically, not subversion dump; the installation position should keep dry, clean, safe, ventilation, good lighting, power lines should not be around each other, should be far away from high temperature, oil vulnerable. Before opening the equipment, you must read the instructions of machine tools carefully, familiar with the structure of the machine tools, handle functions, transmission lubrication system and safety operation specifications.
CNC universal grinding machine power plug, socket installation should be fixed and reliable, good contact, prohibit non electrical professionals use power plug and installation and maintenance of the electrical system of machine tools. Before starting the machine, don't forget to check the voltage and frequency of the power supply; the reliability of the grounding protection of the electrical system and locking the handle.

MKF2110 Multi-function CNC compound    Semi-automatic CNC   All-purpose grinding machine.jpg

MKF2110 CNC Universal Grinders

when the CNC universal grinder is working, prohibit to touch the rotating grinding wheel and work piece by hand to avoid injury; and installation and replacement of the work piece grinding wheel is also allowed; and we should pay attention to the protection of the hands, eyes and face, required to wear goggles, working caps and other protective equipment.
After the completion of the work, the CNC universal grinder needs to be maintained and repaired, but the power supply of the machine tool must be cut off before it can be operated safely. If the machine fault and abnormal noise is occured in the work, the machine power should be immediately cut off, you can not restart the machine tool until check the cause and eliminate the fault.