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Application characteristics and structure requirements of internal grinder

Aug 15, 2017

Operating sensitivity of internal grinder and advantages of high speed grinding
In the operation of the internal grinder, the reciprocating direction change valve need to be sensitive, the travel stop in the equipment is effectively adjusted according to the length of the work piece,it’s very fastening and reliable in the use, the feed speed must be slow at the first time.   
Internal grinder in the instrument or process gauge measurement work, the wheel need to be exit away from the work piece in the process of measurement with some instruments or plug gauge, and need to stop the equipment stably. There must be a safe distance between the grinding wheel and the work piece, the measurement with the plug gauge must be stable when pulling the plug.
Do not immediately exit the grinding wheel if it was broken in the process of internal grinding,it should be managed only after the rotation stopped. equipment in replacement or Comply with the general safety rules when changing or trimming the grinding wheel.  
High speed grinding of the internal grinder is an important way to improve the efficiency of grinding equipment, High speed grinding mainly refers to the grinding wheel speed is above 50m/s. In the grinding process, the grinding wheel as the cutting tool is working at high speed on the work piece cutting. At high speed grinding, the grinding wheel speed can be as high as 200m/s, which is an important characteristic different from general grinding.
High speed grinding of internal grinder is effective. The grinding wheel speed increasing will make the single particle abrasive cutting depth smaller. Main reason is when the work piece speed and cutting depth remain unchanged, the wheel speed increasing means there will be more abrasive to cut the same quantity of work piece material.

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