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Analysis of Centerless grinders two failures

Apr 05, 2017

Centerless grinder this grinder, compared with ordinary grinding, then it is not need to be axial positioning of the workpiece, and a grinding machine for grinding. Moreover, it is also one of website products, so has the need to have a better understanding. There, small series to explain some of its analysis of specific problems, to ensure everyone understands, which can well be solved.

Centerless grinding machine, workpiece surface roughness is poor, the reasons, mainly following few, are as follows:

One reason: grinding wheel grain through thick or trimmed too quickly.

Second reason: guide wheels tilt angle is too large or too high speed.

Reason three: the concentration of coolant cleanliness or not enough.

Centreless grinder guide pulley wobble, the reasons, mainly following few, is to

One reason: if it is driven by inverter, then were converters phase failure or inverter module has burnt out.

Two reasons: if it is transmission structures, so is the transmission parts wear or clearance is too tight.

Three reasons: motor and stator coupling between too loose.