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All kinds of tool grinding machines are the promising fields of China's middle and high grade CNC systems

Jul 20, 2017

At present, SIEMENS, FANUC, MITSUBISHI and other foreign NC systems have dedicated grinder type or function. But, compared with the traditional position of CNC system such as machining center and numerical control lathe, grinding machine is still a relatively new field. At present, the market potential of the domestic grinding machine transformation is huge, and many traditional grinding machines, including profiling grinding machines and grinding machine tools, are facing the choice of NC transformation because of their low efficiency. Moreover, according to the practice summary in recent years, after the numerical control transformation, the processing quality and the processing efficiency of the traditional grinding machine all greatly enhances, It’s not to be too much to call it "the green industry". Therefore, it is an entirely new attempt and choice for domestic NC system manufacturers to attach importance to the transformation of traditional grinding machines, and gradually to enter the field of grinding machine manufacturing, and to take the route of Encircling Cities from rural areas.

Robotic arm compound grinders.jpg

MKF2115 Robotic arm compound grinders

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