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Advantages and operational precautions of the internal grinder machine

Jun 26, 2019

When the internal grinder machine cuts the metal material, the cutting speed of the cutting grinding wheel is 10 times that of other cutting methods; the cutting width and the flatness of the cutting surface are generally better than the metal sawing by the grinding wheel; after the grinding wheel is cut, The surface often does not need to be finished, and the cut surface after sawing is obvious. 

The internal grinder machine can be used for the cutting of hard materials. During use, it has good self-sharpness and does not need to be trimmed. The cost of cutting with a grinding wheel is significantly lower than other cutting methods and is widely used in many metalworking and non-metal processing industries, as well as in other fields of industrial production.

During the operation of the internal grinder machine, pay attention to safety, wear labor protection products according to the regulations; comprehensively check the hydraulic system of the equipment, protective insurance and lubrication, and electrical; when grinding, make the grinding wheel gradually contact the workpiece, when using the coolant Install the bezel and protective cover.