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Advanced design of numerical control high-precision vertical shaft circular table composite grinding machine

Jul 08, 2019

It can grind plane, inner circle, outer circle, end face, inner and outer taper, and has a variety of grinding functions; there are vertical and horizontal grinding heads; there are grinding around the grinding wheel, and it can also be used for grinding and grinding, which has various grinding forms; The vertical feed grinding taper has high precision and good roughness. It adopts numerical control technology and automatic measurement technology, and has advanced structure and high efficiency to meet the needs of modern equipment manufacturing technology development.

It has a bed body, a circular workbench, a column, a beam, a vertical grinding head, a universal grinding head, a numerical control servo system, a round workbench is installed in the center of the bed, a column is installed behind the bed, and a beam is installed on the column, and the beam is mounted on the beam. The linear guide pair and the ball screw drive pair are installed, the left lateral carriage and the right lateral carriage are mounted on the beam; the left lateral carriage is equipped with a left swing mechanism, and the left vertical mechanism is mounted with a left vertical carriage, left vertical A vertical grinding head is mounted on the carriage; a right vertical carriage is mounted on the right lateral carriage, a right swing mechanism is mounted on the right vertical carriage, and a universal grinding head is mounted on the right swing mechanism.

The left slewing mechanism includes a left slewing worm gear pair, a rotary servo motor connected to the left worm wheel pair, a hydraulic locking mechanism mounted on the left lateral carriage, and a left slewing mechanism capable of stepless indexing of ±30 degrees. The right swing mechanism includes a right swing worm gear pair, and the right swing worm gear pair is mounted on the end joint tooth assembly. The right swivel mechanism can be rotated from 0 to 90 degrees. The column is a monolithic column wall structure or a double column column structure. A diamond disc dresser or other type of wheel dresser is installed on one side of the bed; a contact measuring device for automatic measurement is installed on the right side of the bed.