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2 axes-internal grinding machine and speed requirements

May 20, 2019

Longitudinal grinding is generally used. When grinding the inner surface, a plunge grinding method can be used. When the inner hole is ground on the coordinate grinding machine, the workpiece is fixed on the workbench. In addition to the high-speed rotation, the grinding wheel also performs planetary motion around the center line of the grinding hole. When the inner circle is ground, the grinding wheel has a small diameter and a grinding speed. Often less than 30 m / s most.

The 2 axes-internal grinding machine is very high, up to 30m~50m per second, and the grinding temperature is high, up to 1000°C~1500°C; the grinding process lasts for a short time, only about one tenth of a second. Grinding can achieve high machining accuracy and small surface roughness values.

2 axes-internal grinding machine can not only process soft materials such as hardened steel, cast iron, etc., but also hard materials such as porcelain and hard alloy that cannot be processed by hardened steel and other tools. The depth of cut during grinding is small, and the metal layer that can be removed in one stroke is thin.

2 axes-internal grinding machine When grinding, a large amount of fine grinding debris is blown from the grinding wheel, and a large amount of metal chips are splashed from the workpiece. Wear debris and metal shavings can cause damage to the operator's eyes, and dust that is not inhaled into the lungs can be harmful to the body. Due to poor quality of the grinding wheel, poor storage, improper selection of specifications and models, eccentricity of installation, or excessive feed rate, the grinding wheel may be broken during grinding, which may cause serious injury to workers.