Premium- Quality Model MW1432B CNC Vertica / CNC Roll Grinding Machine / CNC Grinders for Sale

Premium- Quality Model MW1432B CNC Vertica / CNC Roll Grinding Machine / CNC Grinders for Sale
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Premium- Quality Model MW1432B CNC Vertica / CNC Roll Grinding Machine / CNC Grinders for Sale

The operation method of machine tool

 Knowledge of machine tool opening

First of all, we must read the private instructions carefully before you can prepare the machine.

a clean hydraulic oil is added to the oil pool at the requirement of 5.2.

start the oil pump motor and adjust the oil pressure. The lubricating oil pressure is generally adjusted to 0.1-0.15. According to the requirement of 5.1, adjust the lubricating oil quantity of the flat V guide rail, and confirm that the two rail has enough lubricating oil.

 the grinding wheel must leave the round above 25mm, headstock and tailstock not to grinding wheel rack, in order to avoid the rapid introduction of collision.

  set the X and Z axis to zero, start bit, grinding, dressing etc., must ensure that the motion of the platform when the headstock and tailstock with wheel collision.

 the speed of the safety line of the grinding wheel shall not be more than 38m/s. When the grinding wheel is started, the operator does not face the grinding wheel.

before the use of the new grinding wheel to install the clamping plate, a static balance is first carried out on the grinding wheel balance frame. Then the machine is used to repair the grinding wheel (with Trimmer), then the grinding wheel is removed for two times to balance, and then it can be used normally.

 the coolant must be clean and sufficient.

 if the machine does not start for a long time, after the machine is started, the worktable should be moved back and forth for a period of time to allow the grinding wheel to rotate for a period of time before grinding.

 at the end of the work, in order to clean the water on the grinding wheel, it is necessary to turn off the cooling liquid first, so that the grinding wheel will continue to run for more than 3 minutes to turn off the machine.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Machine well packed by plywood/ carton case

Shipping: By sea, express or other

Factory packaging with laminated packaging, good structural strength, good stability, have qualitative light, intensity is high, has the good elasticity and toughness.Resistance to impact and vibration.

Packing machine with waterproof, moistureproof, prevent scratch, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic pollution-free with laminated packing and shipping.


1.Q: Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

A: We are a manufactuer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders 

more than 10 years. Currently, the representive machine tools produced by our company can grind cylindrical bore, conical bore, counter bore, internal and surface, external end surface, external circle and other various spare parts with complex grinding requirements.

2.Q: How can I get the quotation?

A: Please send us information for quote: drawing and dimension of work piece, quantity and precision request.

3.Q: If we don't have drawing, can you make drawing for me?

A: Sorry, we can not make the drawing for you, but you can tell us the detail requirements of work pieces.

4.Q: When can I get the sample?

A: You can bring your work piece, and grinding it into the production which you need before shipment. Accurate time depends on your production.

5.Q: What is your main order time?

A: Order time: 30-60 days after the payment. The accurate time depends on your product.

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