Hot Sales Model M1320B Small Small Cnc Cylindrical Grinder

Universal external grinding machine of M1420B and M1320B Technical parameter Working accuracy FAQ 1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company? We are a manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders more than 10 years. Currently, the representive machine...

Product Details

Universal external grinding machine of M1420B and M1320B


Specification parameter

Central height (mm)

M1420B   125mm

M1320B   125mm

Center distance (mm)

M1420B   520、770、1000

M1320B   520、770、1000

External grinding scope (mm)  

M1420B   Φ8 ~ Φ200

M1320B   Φ8 ~ Φ200

Internal grinding scope (mm)

M1420B   Φ13 ~ Φ100

External grinding wheel size (mm)

M1420B  Φ400/Φ350×40×Φ127

M1320B  Φ400/Φ350×40×Φ127

Grinding accuracy of center work piece

Roundness (mm)  0.0015

Cylindricity(mm)  0.005

Roughness of grinding inner hole on the chuck

Roundness (mm)  0.0025n(MW1320B)

roughness (μm)  Ra≤0.63

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