Universal Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Universal Cylindrical Grinder Machine
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Structural Features of Universal cylindrical grinder machine

1. Universal cylindrical grinder machine


The machine body is an integral structure, the inner ribs are in box shape, and casted by high strength low alloy cast iron, and have reasonable aging treatment, which has a high overall rigidity and strength. It meets the requirements of high efficiency and high precision equipment to the basic parts.

2.Grinding wheel rack and feed system

The spindle system of the grinding wheel rack adopts sleeve type spindle, and the spindle of the grinding wheel always keeps very high rotary precision, rigidity and working stability. The grinding wheel rack adopts the linear cross rolling steel guide rail, and the ball screw is controlled by the servo motor to control the feed of the grinding wheel frame.

3.Worktable and its Moving mechanism

The worktable adopts double layer structure, which is easy to adjust the precision of machine tool, and can rotate the working table to grind the conical surface parts.

The worktable moving mechanism adopts AC servo motor to directly drive the ball screw, and controls the worktable movement. The worktable guide rail is flat -V type sticking plastic guide rail.

4.Head stock of Universal cylindrical grinder machine

Headstock spindle is driven by a controllable motor to make the work piece rotating, the headstock adopts hydraulic fixture, work piece spindle rotation is controlled by frequency converter, to realize stepless speed adjustment.


The front dressing wheel is used to finish the dressing, and the diamond pen is used to finish the grinding of the outer cylinder, the end surface and the arc of the grinding wheel through the linkage of the X and the Z axis. The dresser is mounted on the tailstock.

6.Cooling system

The independent cooling and flushing design is adopted, and the independent cooling water tank is equipped to further ensure the grinding quality.


According to the characteristics of continuous production, equipped with full closed protection, to prevent the splashing of coolant, to ensure clean environment and the health of operators.

8.Electrical part

The machine adopts SIEMENS 828D numerical control system, LCD display. The machine tool electric cabinet and machine tool protection device are integrated, and the sealing performance is good. The main electrical component is Schneider electric.

Working accuracy of machine tools (standard sample)

Roundness: 0.0015mm

Cylindricity: 0.003mm

Surface roughness: Ra0.32μm

Working environment of Universal cylindrical grinder machine

Power: Three phase AC 380V±10% , 50HZ

Gas pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa

Working environment temperature: 0℃~40℃

Working environment humidity:


The working environment has no vibration source

Machine tool mounting Foundation

Concrete foundation with depth of more than 300mm


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