Professional Model MK1632 End surface / CNC external grinder/CNC cylindrical grinding grinder

Professional Model MK1632 End surface / CNC external grinder/CNC cylindrical grinding grinder
Product Details

MK1632 End Face CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Grinding scope:

Diameter from 8 -320mm

Top center distance:1000/1500/2000mm


Roundness: 0.002mm

Cylindricity: 0.005mm

Roughness:Ra0.32μm(external surface)/Ra0.4μm(End surface)


This machine tools is the inclined feed type of angle head cylindrical grinding machine. When clamping once, it can grind the workpiece excircle and end face.

Adopt the Germany Siemens or the domestic well-know brand of CNC system to achieve the cycle of automatic grinding work.

The workbench travel mechanism and the inclined fee mechanism of the grinding wheel adopt the AC servo motor to directly drive the ball screw pair and to control the workbench and grinding carriage to move.

The guide rail of the workbench is the flat -V paste to mould rail. The guide rail of the feed system is the double V-shaped pin roller of steel guide rail in a straight line.

The measuring system can be equipped with the measuring instrument according to customer’s requirements to conduct the axial positioning and radial online measurement of work piece, and is connected with the CNC system of the machine tools to complete the automatic cycle of work piece grinding.

The workbench adopts the bilayer structure which is easy to adjust the machine tools. The parts with taper faces can be ground on the working table.

This machine tools is equipped with the automatic timing quantitative lubrication to ensure the lubrication of guide rail and screw rod.

The cooling system adopts the independent cooling flush design, and is equipped with the independent cooling water tank to ensure the grinding quality.

This machine tools adopts the totally enclosed cover,the rear bag type of electrical box and the front rotary control console.

Specification Parameter List

Grinding length: 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm

Grinding Out diameter: φ8-320mm

Toper Center distance: 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm

Height of Center: 180mm

The weight of largest work piece: 100kg/150kg/200kg

Maximum longitudinal movement amount of work bench: 1050mm/1600mm/2100mm

Workbench moving speed: 0.1-4r/min

The taper of head/tail blacket top: Mohs No.4 or No.5

Chunk diameter of headstock: 200mm

The movement amount of tail rack sleeve: 40mm

Motor Power of X-axis servo motor: 2kw

Motor power of Z-axis servo motor: 4kw

Feed resolution ratio of X/Z-axises servo motor: 0.001mm

Motor power of grinding wheel: 11KW

Roundness: 0.0015mm

Cylindricity: 0.003mm

Outer surface roughness: Ra0.32μm

End face roughness: Ra0.4μm

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Machine well packed by plywood/ carton case

Shipping: By sea, express or other

Factory packaging with laminated packaging, good structural strength, good stability, have qualitative light, intensity is high, has the good elasticity and toughness.Resistance to impact and vibration.

Packing machine with waterproof, moistureproof, prevent scratch, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic pollution-free with laminated packing and shipping.

Main Features

1.This machine is a semi-automatic CNC inner grinding machine driven by a single axis servo motor. It is suitable for grinding small diameter through hole.

2.This machine is semi-automatic cycle, feed speed, grinding speed, cutting edge speed can be automatically converted.

3.The operation of this machine is controlled by upper computer and position unit, with high degree of automation and good reliability.

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