Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines
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Description of CNC cylindrical grinding machines

CNC cylindrical grinding machine is suitable for mass production workshop, mainly processing cylindrical or multi-step cylindrical parts, with high cost performance. The standard control system of CNC cylindrical grinder electrical by Siemens CNC system, execution system adopts CNC servo driver and servo motor through the ball screw drive, high precision feeding configuration, operation panel, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation, can also use the other system based on user needs, and can configure online automatically measuring instrument.CNC cylindrical grinder operation is simple and practical,the workers can easily operate the machine just after a simple training, the operator  set vertical grinding mill and grinding parameters through the CNC control panel, the different size work piece can be automatically processed,working table of CNC cylindrical grinder has a function of automatic jump file, can grind the multiple steps of one work piece. Multiple steps can be arranged into vertical grinding and grinding sequence and grinding parameters. CNC cylindrical grinding machine has the function of automatic dressing grinding wheel and automatic feeding. The spindle spindle bearing of CNC cylindrical grinder adopts three pieces of tile dynamic pressure bearing, and the high precision dynamic and static bearing can be selected according to the user's requirement. Each part of the machine tool is lubricated automatically, and the tail stock has two ways: hydraulic and manual.

Structure characteristics and performance of precision CNC cylindrical grinder:

1.CNC cylindrical grinder adopts German SIEMENS or domestic famous brand NC system to realize automatic grinding cycle.

2.Numerical control cylindrical grinding machine is equipped with automatic timing quantitative lubrication to ensure lubrication of guide rail and screw rod.

3.The moving mechanism of NC cylindrical grinding machine worktable is driven by AC servo motor directly, and the worktable is moved. CNC cylindrical grinding machine worktable guide rail for sticking plastic sliding.

4.The measuring system can be equipped with a measuring instrument according to the customer's requirements, and the workpiece is located on the axial direction and radial on-line. It is connected with the CNC system of the machine tool to finish the automatic cycle of the workpiece 

5.The cooling system adopts independent cooling and flushing design, and the independent cooling water tank is equipped to further ensure the grinding quality.

6.The headstock consists of AC motor variable frequency speed control, speed can be adjusted to adapt to different parts of the grinding.

7.Grinding wheel automatic plunge feed or feeding periodly, CNC cylindrical grinder worktable and grinding or automatic jumping, and automatic wheel dresser, automatic compensation function by numerical control, wide application range, the operation is very convenient.

8.CNC cylindrical grinder has a higher degree of automation, in addition to workers loading and unloading work piece, you can complete the grinding of the work piece.

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Strict contract auditing invloved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.

Process design and validation before bulk production.



1. Q:What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A:Our minimum quantity is 1 set, as our product is machinery equipment, it’s difficult to send you samples, however, we can send you catalog, warmly welcome you to come visit our company. 

2. Q:Which level of quality are your products?

A:We have got CE, ISO certificate so far. 

3. Q:How you arrange shipment?

A: By Sea/By Train, 60-90 days Against Deposit.

4. Q:How is your goods quality?

A:We cooperated with many world class companied for many years, our products received good response from our customers.

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