Large Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Large Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Product Details

Large cylindrical grinding machine Introduction:

Machine Tool Overview

Germany SIEMENS 828D CNC system, LCD display is adopted. The external grinding wheel feed and worktable movement are driven by the AC servo motor through the ball screw. The grinding wheel feed adopts linear rolling guide to ensure sensitive feed and good rigidity. The worktable rail adopts flat -V type plastic guide rail, so as to improve its seismic resistance and sensitivity.

The headstock adopts hydraulic fixture, the frequency converter controls the work piece spindle rotation, to realize stepless speed adjustment.

The machine is equipped with automatic timing and quantitative lubrication to ensure the lubrication of the guide rail and the screw rod. The machine tool is equipped with a closed protective cover, a front rotating type operation panel, a rear knapsack type electric box.

Main Specifications and Parameters of Large cylindrical grinding machine

Center height: 125mm

Center distance: 350mm

External grinding scope: Φ8~Φ200mm

Max. Weight of work piece: 50kg

Max. dimension of grinding size: Φ400×(20~50)×Φ203

Linear speed of grinding wheel: 35m/s

Minimum resolution of grinding wheel rack: 0.001mm

Worktable minimum resolution: 0.001mm

Motor power of grinding wheel: 4kw

Total capacity of electrical equipment: 10.8kw

Main Configuration of Machine Tool

1.German SIEMENS 828D CNC system (with handheld unit), LCD display.

2.Rotary control box.

3.Zhongyuan instruments.

4.The main rolling bearings are made in Japan by NSK.

5.Enclosed shield.

The Large cylindrical grinding machine Warranty and Customer Service

1.The quality, specification and performance of the machine conform to the provisions of the contract. Under the premise of correct installation, proper operation and maintenance, the warranty period is 12 months after the acceptance.

2.The seller promises timely service and reasonable charge. The user's questions can be answered promptly, and make a strong judgment.

3.In the warranty period, the Seller shall reply within 7 hours after receiving the buyer's notice, and arrive at the scene within 48 hours to deal with the fault.

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