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Overview of machine tool: The machine tool is a two axle CNC internal grinding machine tool. It adopts German SIEMENS CNC system, liquid crystal display, and automatic measuring instrument on-line, to realize automatic grinding cycle and ensure the precision of processing size. The grinding...

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Overview of machine tool:

The machine tool is a two axle CNC internal grinding machine tool. It adopts German SIEMENS CNC system, liquid crystal display, and automatic measuring instrument on-line, to realize automatic grinding cycle and ensure the precision of processing size. The grinding wheel feeding and work table moving are driven by AC servo motors through ball screws. The grinding wheel adopts high precision cross steel guide rail to ensure the accuracy, sensitivity and rigidity of the machine when it moves. The plastic guide rail is adopted in the worktable to improve its aseismic and sensitivity.The head frame motor adopts AC frequency conversion device to achieve stepless speed regulation.

The tail frame sleeve has the function of hydraulic expansion.

The machine tool is equipped with automatic timing and quantitative lubrication to ensure the lubrication of the guide rail and the screw rod. The machine is equipped with protective cover to ensure safe operation.An independent electrical cabinet, oil tank and water tank are equipped to the machine tool.

Main specifications and parameters of machine tool:

Center height                          180mm

Distance between the tops                1000(1500)mm

OD grinding scope                    Φ8~Φ320mm

Max. Weight of work piece               150(200)㎏

Max. Dimension of grinding wheel   Φ600×(20~60)×Φ127(305)

Line speed of grinding wheel             35m/s

Min. Feeding rate of grinding wheel frame  0.001mm

Min. Moving rate of work table           0.001mm

Motor Power of grinding wheel           11kw

Total electrical capacity                  18.5kw

Weight of machine tool                  5000㎏

Main configuration of machine tool:

CNC system (with hand pulse) and LCD display.

The head frame and the AC inverter

Configurate the independent electric cabinet.

Suspension type control box

Accretech from Japan precision measuring instrument.

The main rolling bearings adopt NSK from Japan.

Integrated independent hydraulic oil tank.

Bechl independent lubrication system.

A cooling water tank with a magnetic separator is configured.

Fully enclosed protective cover.

Working precision of machine tool (Party B standard test piece):

Roundness:                     0.002mm

Cylindricity:                    0.004(0.005)mm

Roughness:                     Ra0.4μm

Dimension dispersion of outer diameter (Measuring instrument control)           

Working environment of machine tool

Power                          Three phase AC 380V + 10% 50Hz  

Gas pressure                         0.5~0.6Mpa

Temperature of working eviroment       0℃~40℃

humidity of Working evironment         ≤90%

Structural features of machine tool:

The body is an integral structure, the inner stiffener is arranged in a box type, and the high strength and low alloy cast iron casting is used, and a reasonable aging treatment has been made. It has a high overall rigidity and strength. It meets the requirements of high efficiency and high precision equipment for foundation parts. 

Grinding frame and feeding system:

The spindle system of the grinding wheel frame is driven by a ball screw. The guide rail of the grinding wheel adopts high precision cross steel guide.

Wortable mobile mechanism:

The worktable adopts a double-layer structure to facilitate the adjustment of the accuracy, the rotating working table can grind the conical surface parts.

The moving mechanism of the worktable adopts the AC servo motor to directly drive the ball screw to control the movement of the worktable. The guide rail of the worktable is a sliding slide guide.

Head frame :

The head frame motor drives the dial work piece to rotate through the pulley, and the speed is controlled by the AC frequency conversion, and is connected with the system to realize the automatic switching of the speed in the grinding process. The Top frame of the head frame is Morse No.5.

Tail frame:

It is placed on the work table and is opposite to the head frame, and the main shaft of the sleeve is driven by hydraulic pressure. The stroke is less than 40mm. The top of the tail frame is Morse No. 5.


Adopting the front dressing, the diamond pen is adjusted by two axes of X and Z axis to realize the dressing of the outer circle, the end face and the arc of the grinding wheel.

Measurement system:

The measuring instrument of Accretech (Japan) is used to do the axial orientation of the work piece and measure it online. It is connected with the CNC system and completes the automatic circulation of workpiece grinding. 

Cooling system:

It adopts independent cooling design and magnetic filter cooling water tank to further ensure the grinding quality.


According to the characteristics of continuous production, it is equipped with totally enclosed protection to prevent splashing of coolant and ensure clean environment and healthy operation of operators.

Electrical components:

The machine tool adopts SIEMENS CNC system and LCD dispaly. The machine cabinet and machine tool protection device are integrated, and equipped with a dehumidification and cooling device. The sealing performance is good, and the main electrical components are Schneider products.

Quality quarantee and after-sales service of machine tools :

The quality, specifications and performance of machine tools meet the requirements of the contract. Under the premise of proper installation, proper operation and maintenance, the warranty period is 12 months after acceptance.

The seller promises the service in time and the charge is reasonable.We can timely answer the questions raised by users and make a strong judgement.

Delivery date: usually 60-90 days

Unit price: FOB SHANGHAI USD 75000 per set 


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