Model M1080B Professional Centerless Internal Grinding Machine For Sales

M1080B Centerless grinding machine Main characteristics The machine tool utilized the layout of wheel frame single face move. Grinding wheel spindle adopt multiple-piece dynamic pressure oil film bearing. Guide wheel shaft and guiding wheel spindle utilized cantilever structures. The machine is...

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M1080B Centerless grinding machine

Roundness error

 the wheel not rounded or work for a long time, has lost the correct geometry, no need to trim round wheel, grinding wheel, 2 intermittent sound can be blunt to timely repair, grinding wheel 3, workpiece center height should be adjusted properly, and the 4 plate is too thin or the top surface of the tilt angle is too large, in a timely manner replacement tray 5, the axial thrust is too large, so that the workpiece is not uniform rotation, need to reduce the angle of 6 wheel, grinding wheel or wheel balance is not good, should be carefully balanced and overhauled 7, two former process workpiece are oval, round diamond, horizontal feed wheel can be reduced, increasing the grinding times.


the front guide plate guide wheel tilt direction, causing the workpiece front of smaller diameter or smaller diameter of workpiece caused by the inclination of the rear wheel guide guide guide direction, before and after the adjustment, the parallel bus and guide wheel, and in the same line, 2 grinding wheel dressing is not accurate, itself has a taper, according to the taper direction. Adjustment of grinding wheel dresser, rebuilt 3, grinding wheel axis of workpiece and the grinding wheel and the guide wheel axis is not parallel, should adjust the height or the plate before and after trimming the surface of the supporting plate 4, the grinding wheel and the guide wheel has been worn, need to re grinding wheel and the guide wheel 

Cylindricity error

The workpiece roundness error is because in the grinding process, the actual trajectory of the workpiece center deviates from the theoretical trajectory of a straight line, the workpiece in the horizontal plane of rotation and wheel dressing is not correct should be more specific conditions such as dressing, grinding wheel is too soft, uneven wear, should increase the number of dressing or increase the number of grinding.

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