Model M1080B Professional and Useful Centerless Internal / Tool / Tool Cutter Grinder/internal Grinding Machine

Product Details

M1080 Centerless Grinding Machine Tool

the surface maintenance of the unintentional grinder: the surface of the careless grinder and the motor, the surface of the heat dissipating equipment must be kept clean, and the powder of the polishing consumables is cleaned regularly. 2, check, fasten handle, feed hand wheel, screw, nut and so on. Keep the machine in good condition. 3, the unintentional grinder machine inspection: check the screw, belt, tightness, loosening should be adjusted to the right. 4, check the wear degree of each bearing should be replaced and the lubricating oil is sufficient. 5, the guide rail should be cleaned and the polishing material powder can not be used on the guide rail. 6, electrical appliances: regular cleaning of motor, electric box. The electrical apparatus is fixed and orderly, and the action is reliable. 7. Check and fasten the zero device. Check the button switch, should immediately replace the problem, to avoid unnecessary risks


the roughness of the surface of the workpiece is poor. (1) when the grinding wheel is rough or dressable, the diamond is drilled to speed too fast. Replacing fine grained grinding wheels, selecting proper dressing speed, guiding wheel inclined angle too large or rotating speed too high, the circumferential speed and axial feed speed of workpiece are accelerated. Reduce the inclination angle of the guide wheel and reduce its speed. (3) when the coolant is not clean or the concentration is not enough, the coolant, which is clean and has a certain concentration of coolant, should be replaced. 

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Machine well packed by plywood/ carton case

Shipping: By sea, express or other

Factory packaging with laminated packaging, good structural strength, good stability, have qualitative light, intensity is high, has the good elasticity and toughness.Resistance to impact and vibration.

Packing machine with waterproof, moistureproof, prevent scratch, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic pollution-free with laminated packing and shipping.

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